This Quiet War

The rules have changed you see
gods of war no longer Mars or Aries
this current strife slipped in
under cover of Neptune’s duplicity
the us & them & this is me
in one sense disappeared.
There will be no stone plinth
chiselled with the names
of the dead
no date or end to end just the
dogs of war, infernal & rolling
around the planet, a giant machine
plaything of corporations.
Whose side are you on
when each country has become one
distinctions expunged, seeds of
peasant farmers seized & annulled
each religion folded into every other?
There are no sides because so
few can see the deception, this
slow creeping moss, this green agenda
wringing the very life from nature
while ‘experts’ lay claim to be saviours.
A spell has been cast, old warriors in a fug
public bamboozled by an ersatz copy
of a divine life they never even knew.
Something not right?
Oh never mind! This is close enough.
Welcome to dystopia where
you were slowly killed with concepts.
Interesting you never noticed
right up until your last breath.
© Copyright 2021 Simon Heathcote. All rights reserved.

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