Call for Evidence on Current Education Practices and Impartiality in the UK

The Truth University, in collaboration with the Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology (HARE), the British Constitution Group (BCG) and the New Chartist Movement, is investigating the extent to which balanced and impartial information is being presented in UK schools, both at Primary and Secondary levels.  We would be grateful for information from parents, teachers and students on the extent to which:

(i) information in textbooks, handouts and information disseminated in class is not presenting information in a completely impartial way.  Examples referencing any topic are welcomed.

(ii) children and older students are being discouraged from presenting views that question mainstream narratives (whether in respect of history, economics, the British constitution, health, science (including climate), race and gender.

(iii) important information is omitted from textbooks / syllabi

(iv) academic standards are being maintained relative to earlier periods.

All comments would be welcome by Monday 28th February and should be emailed to:  If you could provide an indication of your status (parent, teacher, child) that would be very helpful.

Any questions, please email:

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