‘Truth Not Tyranny’ Campaign

Today, we are pleased to announce the official launch of our ‘Truth not Tyranny’ campaign. The campaign will be known as ‘TNT’ for short, as it aims to drop a series of metaphorical ‘high-explosive truth bombs’, delivered via social media and email in the form of ‘TNT Alerts’ on various important topics. The Hardwick Alliance is constituted as a ‘network of networks’, which we are extending progressively through new affiliations with other campaign groups and influencers. The intention is that these TNT Alerts will be actively and swiftly shared by our supporters throughout their own networks, creating a waterfall effect that rapidly cascades outwards beyond our ‘awake and aware echo chamber’, thus reaching a vastly wider audience than at present. To be effective, speedy propagation is essential to ensure that each Alert is widely shared before the algorithms have a chance to kick in, and this is where we are asking supporters to ‘step up to the plate’.

Each TNT Alert has a standard structure:

  • A social media post containing:
    • An eye-catching graphic or meme, overlaid with:
      • HARE and TNT logos
      • A mention of the Hardwick Alliance for real ecology
      • A link to the Hardwick Alliance website
    • A pithy message
    • A clickable link to a detailed ‘landing page’
    • Relevant hashtags reflecting current trends, if possible
    • Each social media post consists of no more than 280 characters (the Twitter limit)
  • A landing page on the Truth Not Tyranny website, featuring:
    • The social media post
    • A detailed commentary on the issue at hand, with section headings for legibility
    • References to high-quality source material and further reading
    • Concrete actions that people can take to address the issue
    • A downloadable PDF version of the TNT Alert

A list of published TNT Alerts is available on the TNT website.

You can participate in the Truth Not Tyranny campaign by doing the following:

  • Subscribing to / following our YouTube/BitChute, Twitter and Instagram channels
  • Liking and sharing / reposting TNT Alerts to your own channels on whatever social media networks you belong to
  • Taking the specific actions suggested by each TNT alert
  • Taking the other actions as applicable to each TNT alert

The first TNT Alert will be dropped during the next few days.

We thank you in advance for your participation—the more you are able to do, the more successful the campaign is likely to be!

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