Waking up the Greens

On Friday 4th June 2021, the Hardwick Alliance staged a Zoom meeting to discuss the topic of “Waking up the Greens”. The participants were David Icke, Sir Julian Rose, Justin Walker, and Sandi Adams, and the meeting was hosted by Adrian Price. We explored some of the most important issues of modern times: real versus fake ecology, eco-politics, deep state globalist agendas and propaganda, spirituality, individual and collective evolution and much else besides; our participants contributed many wise and thoughtful insights. Here is the video recording—click the white arrow to play it:

A censored version of this video may be found on our YouTube channel.


When we first posted this video on YouTube, it was swiftly taken down because certain statements evidently violated YouTube Community Guidelines regarding COVID-19 and vaccines. We appealed the decision but our appeal was rejected. We have since edited the YouTube version of the video to suppress what we imagine must have been the offending dialogue. The self-censored version was again taken down and we were threatened with summary and permanent channel deletion. We have re-edited it to suppress every last ‘forbidden word’ and have reposted it once again to YouTube.

The suppressed speaker:time:words are as follows:

  1. Sandi: 0:18:13.079–0:18:13.590 “vaccine”
  2. David: 0:21:24.569–0:21:24.903 “covid”
  3. David: 0:21:30.759–0:21:30.921 “hoaxes”
  4. Adrian: 0:30:24.028–0:30:24.306 “covid”
  5. David: 0:43:32.880–0:43:33.691 “covid hoax”
  6. David: 0:44:09.388–0:44:09.692 “covid”
  7. David: 0:44:13.952–0:44:14.691 “fake vaccine”
  8. David: 1:01:06.390–1:01:07.051 “covid hoax”
  9. David: 1:04:44.298–1:04:46.076 “fake vaccination”
  10. David: 1:05:00.301–1:05:01.742 “vaccinated to unvaccinated”
  11. David: 1:05:10.767–1:05:11.101 “vaccine”
  12. David: 1:05:29.486–1:05:29.912 “vaccine”
  13. David: 1:06:05.558–1:06:05.971 “covid”
  14. David: 1:06:11.052–1:06:11.457 “virus”
  15. Julian: 1:13:04.272–1:13:04.572 “vaccines”
  16. David: 1:14:19.673–1:14:20.159 “covid”
  17. David: 1:18:48.670–1:18:48.923 “covid”
  18. Julian: 1:19:05.838–1:19:06.380 “covid”
  19. Julian: 1:19:12.929–1:19:13.320 “covid”
  20. Julian: 1:20:25.523–1:20:25.768 “covid”
  21. Julian: 1:20:30.809–1:20:31.096 “covid”
  22. David: 1:21:00.964–1:21:01.926 “benign reason”
  23. Sandi: 1:22:29.866–1:22:30.553 “vaccine”
  24. Sandi: 1:23:17.596–1:23:20.393 “fake, you know, this fake vaccine, virus”
  25. David: 1:43:07.578–1:43:08.031 “covid”

The Participants

David Icke

David Icke hardly needs an introduction, but for the sake of completeness, let us say that there is probably no other person who has done more to expose the corporate globalist ‘New World Order’ cult. His many books, articles, interviews and video productions and his presentations at large venues around the world are the means by which he conveys his holistic, spiritual commentary on the challenges facing humanity.

David is a committed ecologist and joined the Green Party in the late 1980s, when the values of the party were still intact.

Sir Julian Rose

Sir Julian Rose is a pioneer organic farmer who twice led UK dairy farmers to victory against government attempts to ban unpasteurised milk sales (1989/1997). Sir Julian is Baronet of Hardwick, and owner of the Hardwick Estate near Reading, which he has operated as an organic farm for many decades. Julian is co-founder of the Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology.

Together with his Polish wife Jadwiga, Julian is very active in uniting farmers in the UK and defending small family-run farms throughout Poland against the ever-growing threat from Big Agriculture.

Julian is the author of several books and many articles, which offer inspiring insights into the spiritual dimensions of human existence, and sound an urgent clarion call to action in the face of the many technological distractions that are taking people further away from their connection with the earth and the food production which sustains their physical being.

Justin Walker

Justin Walker is co-founder and a powerful driving force behind The New Chartist Movement (the campaigning wing of the British Constitution Group). He is a keen political ecologist who joined the Ecology Party (later the Green Party) in 1978, where he campaigned for the party, standing in local and general elections on numerous occasions. Justin held various offices within the party including organising their national conferences. Through the Green Party, Justin became good friends with David Icke, who helped him realise that political parties are not the answer. Justin left the Green Party in 1992, disillusioned with the in-fighting and bickering.

Justin is co-founder of the Hardwick Alliance.

Justin has written a great many well-researched online articles and in recent years has led various initiatives to promote discussion of the Bradbury Pound (aka Sovereign Money) with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee and the Bank of England.

Sandi Adams


Sandi was a member of the Green Party. She has for many years been an indefatigable researcher into United Nations Agenda 21 and 2030 and now runs the excellent sandiadams.net website, a veritable trove of valuable evidence and information. She was instrumental in alerting Justin to the realisation that the UN is not a force for good.

Together with Piers Corbyn and Mark Windows, Sandi spent much time touring the country, presenting their ‘Bigger Picture’ seminar, where she spoke on her specialist subject of Agenda 21 / 2030. Sandi has become an integral part of the resurgence of real green values, through her networking and deep grasp of the subject matter.

Adrian Price

Adrian is a general purpose ‘truth and freedom activist’, with a recent emphasis on 5G campaigning. His professional background is in software engineering and microelectronics, from which he is now retired. He is the webmaster for the Hardwick Alliance, the New Chartist Movement and the Legal Action Against 5G campaign with Michael Mansfield QC. He also runs his own Campaign Resources website, which hosts designs for leaflets, placards and other campaign resources, covering various topics including Wi-Fi, 5G, Smart Meters, Fluoride, Vaccine Safety & Efficacy and so on. His role was to facilitate the meeting.


The pioneers of the Green movement appear to have lost their way. Around 25 years ago they forsook their core values and adopted instead a fake green agenda centred around ‘global warming’, ‘carbon taxes’ and grand industrial alternative energy schemes. All of this constituted a major detour from the grass-roots bottom-up ecological values that informed the early pioneers.

Five Questions

The five questions addressed were:

Q1: The grass-roots supporters of the Green movement should be our natural allies. Is it possible (or even desirable) to draw those who have detoured back into the fold, so that ‘green’ predominantly stands for a united movement able to defeat the WEF’s nightmare ‘green fascism’ scenario?

Q2: HARE was formed in February 2020 to counteract the despotic centralisation of power and bastardisation of true ecology—what are the key strategies to achieve this end?

Q3: Decentralisation of power means a revival of regional and local self-empowerment—how will this work in practice?

Q4: What communication methods can be applied to reach larger audiences and offer key strategic ‘survive and thrive’ advice?

Q5: To expose the fake green ‘man-made climate change’ and ‘technocratic’ narratives, we need to present sound counter-evidence. Given that some so-called ‘climate change deniers’ have been exposed as industry shills, who are the real, credible scientists and where is the scientific evidence to support our claims?

Discussion Notes

Adrian took notes on the speakers’ main points. Time offsets are approximate, increasingly so towards the end.

00:09:24 Julian: the feeling of being Green has been utterly distorted, it’s now essentially black! Real Green stems from holistic connectness with nature, connecting everything and everybody. Nature is a reflection of the divine. We are conscious, so we have the ability to bring about change. Animal kingdom also divine but lacks this ability. How to make change in a collected, united spirit for all who feel strong desire to get back to their roots.

00:14:25 David: Other work fits in with above. We’ve lost touch with the nature of reality, even in the Green movement. Frequency decoding system to perceive reality, form separated with empty space. Universal field of consciousness interconnecting all things. Humanity is controlled by manipulating our perceptions to withdraw into perceiving everything through the five senses, disconnecting us from the Source field. Unity is felt through the heart. Original Green Party members had the sense of connectedness but nowadays the Green movement has been transformed to have a sense-oriented, non-spiritual mechanistic viewpoint that lacks empathy. Example: a ‘Green’ organisation, The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, recently took over some woodland and cutting down mature trees to make way for a big steel boundary fence. Talking to these people he found no empathy and no understanding of the sense of creating a mechanical division in this beautiful nature, they couldn’t see it. To this mechanical mind, ugly wind-turbines are a good thing. Green movement has withdrawn from the heart and it’s gone into the head.

00:16:57 Sandi: Technocracy movement all about moving from the natural to the unnatural. 1930s Technocracy movement revived in 1970s by Zbigniew Brzezinski (member of the Trilateral Commission), spoke in 1972 about bringing technocracy into the Green agenda. All the 1972 Rio Earth Summit globalists invested heavily in carbon credit banks. It was all about money then and now it’s all about the vaccine money. It’s not about people and it’s not about nature. It’s the mechanical, inhuman antithesis of natural. Need to get this message through to grassroots members, they’re following “green must be good” like a mantra. Let people see through these lies.

00:18:30 Justin: Original Green Party full of wise, spiritual people. Justin ejected from 2019 Green Party conference in Newport for daring to challenge Caroline Lucas for refusing to allow debate about 5G on the conference floor. Cold, robotic, clipboard mentality, lost its soul, lost its spirit. Lots of great green people hijacked, we need these people back with us.

00:20:57 David: massive freedom marches & rallies in London, the anti-COVID fascism protesters have the right spirit, they’re more a celebration of life, love and unity than protests, but it’s street-wise. The freedom marches embrace all races, backgrounds, ages, it’s a feeling of love, joy and mutual respect. It’s a revolution in consciousness, seeing through the lies, hoaxes and manipulations, it’s an expression of spirituality. It’s a state of mind. Let’s hope that those who still belong to the greens recognise this spirit as true green, and reject the mechanistic left-brain, myopia that currently runs the Green movement.

00:25:04 Julian: agreed. Freedom marches express the need for unity, lockdown was about separating everybody, to starve them of human warmth & closeness. It’s extremely positive. Julian was a long-time Board Member of the Soil Association, founded in 1946 to oppose agri-chemical farming and monoculture. Founders were extremely unusual individuals led by soil scientists. Lady Eve Balfour. The ‘Wheel of health’ involving soil-plant-animal-man – breaking at any point causes the other elements to get sick or die. It’s a holistic vision for farming and health. Got organic farming in UK and world-wide with standards, etc. By the mid 1990s organic farmers started trying to get their food into supermarkets. Real food is fresh and local, full of flavour. Swing towards money and power, the vision of being big. The beginning of the end of the real organic farming movement. Many senior members got behind the supermarket sales pitch. Some real greens hung on but others embraced the supermarket connection to grow the organic farming movement.

00:26:41 David: Fundies vs Realos at loggerheads in the Green Party. The Realos took over the party when the Green Party had a good result in the EU elections. The worst thing is to seek political power for its own sake. Power should come through pursuit of ideals not as an end in itself. Through self-censorship, the power drive diluted and perverted the values and the message. Need to get back simply to living our beliefs and letting what happens, happen. The alternative is to seek power and lose yourself, exactly as has happened in the Green Movement.

00:30:02 Justin: the original Chartists had six requirements, the only one of which did not ultimately come about was annual parliaments, last thing you want is professional politicians and ‘chosen leaders’. We’re all here to serve, that is our duty. The real greens are those who are here to serve and want to help others. We’re not here for personal benefits and career paths.

00:31:12 David: we’ve essentially lost the current green leaders, they’re in thrall to the political process, “what do I have to say to get more power”, they’ve lost themselves. The programmer becomes a pawn of the programme. Much of the green membership is now programmed, so the leaders feel they have to keep repeating the same message. Those who still feel for nature are best placed to see that the Green movement is a political, Marxist organisation and nothing to do with nature any more.

00:32:49 Julian: . The people to whom Julian speaks in Poland feel they can only make sense through local and regional action, not by trying to convince someone in power to change the rules. Local groups, village level self-sufficiency. Cities of millions too big to bring about local change. In communities of 200,000 and below the sense of holistic connection with people is almost palpable. At the village level (500 – 1000) in the countryside, you can be totally self-sufficient (e.g., the Hardwick Estate sells all of its products locally, except for grain). Reconnect people to the land by developing relationship with local farmers. Soil Association certification has become something of a problem in its own right, a massive book of rules, needs simplification. Two most important words: human scale.

00:35:29 David: The Green movement still sees centralisation of power as the means to achieve decentralisation of power – it’s not going to happen. Start with the individual expressing their own uniqueness, power, sovereignty then collectively we’ll get somewhere. Politicians aren’t actually there to effect change, they just promote the Agenda as set by a few at the very top.

00:36:39 Sandi: those who haven’t woken up haven’t been hit hard enough, yet. We’re awake because we could see it coming. Community-level cooperation will kick in when things get really difficult, e.g., food shortages, this will happen organically. It’s a painful process that won’t occur until people are really feeling the pain. Massive migration of people trying to move out of the cities, houses & land being snapped up. How can people in cities get acccess to organics? The globalists don’t want us forming mutually-supporting rural communities, they want to evacuate the countryside into SMART cities. People join the Green Party to feel a sense that they’re doing something, though that can be illusory as this supports the technocratic agenda. 5G has won a lot of Greens over but why not more?

00:39:13 Adrian: co-ops, local truth and freedom hubs

00:40:23 Justin: Need to find our sovereignty. Greens in bed with the central bankers controlling all ecological initiatives. Greens don’t ask about money creation. Once you understand central banking you realise quickly who the real enemy is. Localised independent non-token currencies – net new money based on local community assets & labour potential. Justin has proved conclusiveley that parliamentarians will never question money creation. We need to take back full control of money creation and money supply.

00:43:51 David: Agreed. Two societies are emerging – the asleep, brainwashed & compliant, versus the awake and aware. There’s now an urgency to do rather than just talk. Rejection of COVID passports stimulating spontaneous push-back in local groups. Local ‘awake-and-aware’ trade directories, food producers, shop-keepers, etc. emerging organically through necessity. Local communities almost splitting off from mainstream society. This is a process that’s only just begun.

00:45:09 Julian: From an aristocratic background but essentially in another camp, feeling the most empathy for the working people. In Australia, Julian witnessed aboriginal agricultural workers’ superior intuitions about the best way to do things. We have a split society along class, social status, wealth lines but if you want something done ultimately you’re dependent upon working people. Top of a pyramid is held aloft by the foundations and lower layers. Working people have a gut feeling for what’s coming and what they need to do to meet the challenge and provide for their families. The new newspaper being launched in the north of England involves such people.

00:46:32 Justin: New sovereign newspaper ‘Brighter Times – Wisdom & Common Sense to Change the World’ being launched soon in Midlands, streetwise hard workers. Good contributors lined up. Targetted to everybody.

00:48:22 David: The incredible inversion of the ‘woke’ mentality in the Left. No longer demanding freedom of speech or challenging finance & privilege. As with the Greens, the Left is now funded & hijacked by corporate globalists who speak the woke language of social justice, etc., whilst they actually hold it in contempt. The billionaires say the right things and sign the cheques to look like the good guys. This process going on since Rio 1992 Earth Summit, Front man Maurice Strong. Why do the Rothschilds and the Rockefellas, who’ve done so much to destroy the environment, suddenly want to save it? Unless you’re ‘street-wise’ you get pulled in.
Justin: Sandy put me right on this.

00:52:29 Sandi: Need to expose the green deception. George Hunt Earth Summit whistle-blower [David Icke’s written extensively about him]. Canadian businessman David Langer, being interviewed at Earth Summit by Edmund de Rothschild, admits that their agenda will have to be introduced incrementally by stealth & deception. Ruthless contempt for mainstream humanity. When exiled to China after the oil-for-food scandal, Maurice Strong set up a company with Georege Soros called Cherry, making carbon-unfriendly cars and sold them to the USA from China. A man with no scruples whatsoever! Such hubris, people following like sheep. Sandi’s mentor Rosa Koire passed several days ago, she wrote the seminal book “Behind the Green Mask”.

00:53:36 Sandi: we have the real science about climate, Piers Corbyn has been pushing it out for years. Other scientists too, the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

00:54:41 Justin: The BBC sacked David Bellamy because he challenged the man-made global warming narrative. He said of it: “Justin, this is all bad science, Justin, bad science”. He was devastated that he was no lopnger able to put his real ecological message in front of young people. Brilliant man for waking youngsters up to how nature works and the importance of ecology. A real scientist.

00:55:27 Julian: people need to feel they have something of value that will be destroyed by the dark forces, to trigger a defensive reaction. If you don’t feel the value, you don’t know what you’re defending other than perhaps the material aspects of it. For the origins of eco-fascism you can go well back before Rio in 1992 to the Club of Rome in 1972. Encourage people to try and produce some of their own food and power – this is something tangible that people would defend, if necessary, fighting to the death to protect it. People in high places don’t have a clue what it means to be based on the land, grounded.

00:58:13 David: encourage individuality, insecure people look outside themselves for support. Need to use judicious flattery to engage with green leaders? Leaders are constantly telling people what they want to hear, their answers are pure virtue signalling script.

00:59:09 David: Cult is trying to destroy people’s self-respect and promote herd mentality. Green movement is a herd right up to the leadership, the shepherds are billionaires.
Justin: South West TV devoted 2/3rds of local news time to show XR marching to the G7 summit in Cornwall, with ghastly white-faced women dressed in red, Satanic.

01:01:51 Sandi: Biggest irony. Pure theatre financed by Soros & globalists to draw people in. UK Column news highlighting public opinion anti-unmasked & anti-unvaxxed, should be put into camps. Time for lawful direct action against the media (ITV, BBC, etc.)
Julian: Occupy the BBC?
Sandi: We only have the summer to sort this out.

01:02:26 David: gave up a long time ago trying to convince anyone of anything. Just put the information out there, those who can see & hear will, those who can’t, won’t.

01:03:09 David: Vaccine shedding? The vaxxed, their personalities change, they become ‘vacant’?

01:03:23 David: Don’t try to wake the unwakeable. Just keep putting the information out there, the ‘new society’ will grow organically. Compared to early 2020 many more people are awakening and questioning the official COVID narrative. Direct our energy towards the wakeable as many are going deeper into coma.

01:07:07 David: Identity politics treats groups as being homogenous in attitude and categorising them as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Put the info out there and let people make their own minds up, don’t proselytize or you mirror the system we’re trying to defeat. Awakening consciousness may not be explicitly green but it’s open to the bigger picture and comes from the heart.

01:08:36 Julian: how can one awaken the heart & spiritual instinct? We as individuals have work to do, so practise as you preach. We have more power to give than perhaps we realise. Schumann Resonance under a huge attack from 5G & satellites, etc. Be like beacons, attracting more love vibrations. Not an ego thing. Target only those who are questioning but avoid those who’ve already had the vax, they’ll do as they’re told and are lost causes.

01:11:56 David: why is the Schumann Resonance being attacked? Same answer as for why social distancing? The resonance connects all things and promotes the unity. Whatever the cult wants, the answer is the opposite. Cult wants division, disunity, isolation, separation, so the answer lies in unity consciousness.

01:13:37 Justin: Moving shortly to Dolgellau, Snowdonia in N. Wales, near to the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) at Machynlleth. CAT used to be a lovely, spiritually uplifting and inspiring place but now it has been taken over by corporatism. Personal challenge to sow the seeds of spiritual, heart-based reawakening. Global world religion summit in Assisi, v. inspiring.

01:14:59 David: let go of the labels, they divide us. See the underlying field and unity of the Source Field. We’re all one consciousness. That connection breaks down the divisions that are essential to divide and rule us.

01:17:32 Julian: Until your back is against the wall, you never really take the ultimate action of which you are capable. Looks like that metaphorical ‘wall’ is COVID, some ten or twenty years in ahead of what we’d anticipated. This will force people to move forward because there is no other viable direction, so we can almost take strength from the COVID agenda and exploit it to our own ends.
David: Life tends to give you your greatest gifts brilliantly disguised as your worst nightmare. Mike Yeadon, ex-Pfizer boss, recently said: “I can no longer see a benign reason for what is happening”. The threat to freedom is becoming ever more visible, giving us an opportunity to get rid of it.

01:20:40 Sandi: We can’t convince those who won’t listen, it’s a waste of our energy. The global agenda is behind schedule and they’re getting desperate. Vaccine reactions, etc. the truth is being suppressed but there is a limit, the truth will out, eventually and organically. Keep chipping away, a year ago the first protest was in the thousands, now over a million. Fauci’s misdeeds are being revealed.
Adrian: need to marshall experts & facts to defend our narrative.

01:24:53 Sandi: Spoken to quite a few scientists other than Piers. Philip Foster, Christopher Booker “The Group-think Behind”, Nils-Axel Mörner e.g., village in N. Wales being evacuated under fake sea level rise. Mörner kicked out of the IPCC for telling the truth.

01:25:05 Also of course Piers Corbyn

01:26:39 Julian: Western world very intellectually trained and science-oriented. People looking for intellectual facts need to be able to find them. UK Column’s done a good job getting the facts out. Although, science won’t be the majority mover as it will only work for those of a scientific bent. Scientists who get the facts can communicate them to their colleagues in academia and highlight the logical fallacies in the official narrative. Try to engage with big name scientists to get a truth platform.

01:28:15 David: in decades of writing about global warming David’s had no problem finding the science and the experts, but they tend to have narrow specialisms. There is no one-stop authority. Joe Bastardi book “The Climate Chronicles”, shows how climate change is just natural cycles we’ve had many times before. Global Warming Policy Foundation v. good resource.

01:29:24 Justin: I’ll be in N. Wales, must visit Fairbourne.
Sandi: When we went down there, the local radio station & BBC had leafleted the entire town to warn that Sandi et al were ‘extremists’, were greeted by people with banners outside saying they were peddling misinformation. Lots attended anyway because the largely retired population were worried about their homes. The authorities had deliberately destroyed the sea wall! Houses now worth nothing, told they have to move out by 2025. Bet you could find the area designated as wetlands in Environment Agency policy documents. Narrow-gauge railway to Barmouth. Fake climate change refugees.
Justin: HARE logo, “Beatrix Potter meets Klaus Schwab” embodies the Hardwick rationale, being a gentle way to encourage people to reconsider.

01:36:45 Julian: Hardwick Estate undergoing significant changes thanks to Julian’s children, in line with Julian’s original vision. Can only preserve by converting to a cooperative. The estate would be destroyed by Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax at 45%. Julian’s life’s work to create a community of active artisans etc. The Rose family is aware of the colonial past whose wealth made it possible for his great-grandfather to buy the place, and the human cost to those in the colonies. Hardwick House is actually Elizabethan. We need people who are private landowners – 50% land in England is owned by private landowners, many of them aristocratic families going back a long way. So we need role models to those people. Inheritance practice needs to change in ways that share the wealth.

01:36:51 closing comments

01:37:37 Justin: need humour to make the movement attractive, get away from fear-based motivation. We’re about happiness, laughter, being human.

01:39:39 David: it’s about self-identity, we’re consciousness on an eternal journey of exploration and experience, where death holds no fear. Your heart vortex opens, you laugh at the craziness of it all (face nappies, etc.) See the big picture and you don’t get so intensified and focussed on all the challenging things which are happening. Be at peace with your true identity, when your heart’s open you just want peace, equality and fairness. This is now emerging, COVID may well have triggered this reevaluation for may people.

01:41:33 Sandi: endorses all the aforegoing. Keep a sense of perspective, look at this biggest ever deception calmly. Humorous, down-to-earth Hardwick media, interviews with scientists. Get the Hardwick media thing going a little more. We are Beatrix Potter Meets Klaus Schwab taking on technocracy.

01:42:15 Hardwick media, interviews with scientists, etc.

01:45:17 Julian: Einstein quote “The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it”. To look on and do nothing, you cannot do that any more.